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  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Extra Lang 1 Pack - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Extra Lang 1 Pack - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Extra Lang 1 Pack - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Extra Lang 1 Pack - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Extra Lang 1 Pack - LumiLine
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Foot Peel Mask Black Extra Long 1 pack

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  • IMPROVED FORMULA: The foot mask with aloe vera and papain extract reduce the callus and rough areas, soft cracks. And now with more natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and without aggressive salicylic acid!
  • ULTIMATE FOOT CARE TREATMENT: Our Foot Peel Socks is simply the greatest foot care treatment for anyone suffering from dry, cracked and calloused feet. Complete skin renewal in just 2 weeks.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Our exfoliating socks are dermatologically tested (DERMATEST Certificate issued on 20.05.19) and absolutely safe for your feet’s skin.
  • EASY TO USE: Great alternative to expensive salon treatment, pumice stone or heel repair creams. How easy it is: apply foot peel mask, wear 60-90 minutes and wait 2-7 days for the first results. For the best results soak your feet daily for 10-20 min
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: The foot peeling mask improves skin elasticity, improves cell regeneration, reduces odor. It also moisturizes your feet. The package contains 1 foot mask (for 1 treatment). Suitable for all: men and women (up to size 12).

Our feet need constant care, due to the fact that we use them every day, we put them into uncomfortable, tight shoes and socks, and rarely let them breathe. Combined with malnutrition, low amounts of water drinking, and a generally stressful way of life, results in our feet feeling stressed, tired, filled with calluses and hard skin cells.

Why LumiLine Exfoliating Socks?
- Fast results, the foot peeling process only takes 2 weeks.
- Baby feet foot peel mask removes the dead skin cells simply and easily. The natural extracts moisturize your feet.
- Enjoy your baby foot skin with LumiLine.
- Super easy application: put on the foot peeling mask, wait 90 minutes, wash off and wait 2-7 days for the first results .

It's strongly recommended:

1. To make sensitivity test before treatment.

Apply a small amount of foot mask liquid on your toes or the back of your feet over an area of ​​approximately 1 square centimeter. Wait 15 minutes. If itching, redness or other skin irritation occurs in the meantime, do not use the foot mask.

2. Soak your feet for 15 minutes before applying the foot mask.

3. Soak your feet daily for 10-20 minutes starting from 3rd day after application.

Do not use the exfoliating socks:
- for children under 12 years
- for sensitive skin
- in the feet areas existing tattoos
- on sore, injured or irritated skin
- if you have diabetes
- if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

- Do not use the foot mask more than once a month!
- If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product!
- Do not try to remove the dead skin by force. The removal process can take up to 14 days.
- Consult a doctor during pregnancy and lactation before use.

Customer Reviews

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Taille parfaitement pour les grandes pointures

Il y a une seul paire de masque spécialement conçue pour les pieds, ils taille grand, Je les ai pris pour mon mari et son facile a enfiler. L'utilisation est simple, cependant il faut être patient et se poser tranquillement pendant 60 à 90 minutes, car il n'ai pas facile de se déplacer avec cette paire au pieds c'est assez glissant. Apres il faut être encore patient car le processus ne se fait pas tout suite je trouve d'ailleurs un peu long mais ça vaut le coup, après le 3 jours du masque il faut également tremper les pieds tout les jours pendant 10 a 20 minutes dans de l'eau chaude. Un dépliant est fourni expliquant l'utilisation du produit est bien expliquer en Français!

Funcionan, contienen aceite de lavanda

Mascarillas exfoliantes para pies, en formato calcetín. Trae UN par (es decir, nos vale para un uso).Actualmente se encuentra a un precio de 8€ (aunque ha estado a 6€).? Los calcetines actúan como exfoliantes químicos (por la composición que traen). Vienen con MUY buenas instrucciones, perfectamente explicadas. En resumen: Hay que dejar los calcetines puestos 1-2h y luego lavar los pies, como recomendación, mejor andar con calcetines y dormir con ellos (porque así la piel que se nos caiga posteriormente quedará ahí). Este tipo de calcetines FUNCIONAN y hacen que caiga la piel muerta, quedando así una capa mucho más fina y suave.? Producto #alcohol-free. En su formulación encontramos: Ácido salicílico, Vitamina E, ácido glicólico, ácido láctico, urea, aceite de lavanda y poco más.?? INCI: Aqua, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Urea, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Tocopherol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavander) Oil, Sodium Hydroxide.

Best hard skin remover I've tried.

This is so easy to use, after a bath/shower simply open the packet and you will see 2 plastic booties with a small amount of liquid inside them, simply fasten them onto feet and relax for about 90 minutes ( try to stay seated as they are very slippery to walk in). Then simply wash your feet thoroughly. Nothing happens for about 5 days, then you will notice your dead skin just peeling and falling off. This is gross for around 4/5 days, then you are left with baby soft feet. It's like magic.Highly recommended

Sun Rise
Easy to use

It really works!! It is easy to use, just take some time as we need to stay with socks on for about 2h and after a few days dead skin will be comes out our feet, great before summer holiday when you want your feet looks more nice then usual ;)

M. Franklin
Wow, what a difference!

Decided to order these as I have had a few painful areas on my soles and heels in the past due to the hard skin cracking. I am on my feet all day in safety boots on a construction site so my feet fair pretty badly with multiple areas of thick hard skin. You need to make sure that you wash and dry your feet properly before use so I had a good, long bath first before dabbing my feet dry. Next, cut the top off the 'socks' and carefully insert your feet in one at a time, this is where it is good to have cut your toenails previously so that you don't puncture the sock lining. Once both feet are gloved, use the included stickers to seal them around the top, I will recommend using some masking tape or equivalent as the stickers are not the best. Now sit back and relax for 90 minutes or so, try not to walk about in case you damage the socks. After the 90 minutes, remove the socks and discard, rubbing your feet for a while to let any residue soak in. Next you need to wash your feet with soap and water and pat dry again. And that is it!Now to wait........Some reviews state that there was some peeling within 3 days and some said that nothing happened until the 5th or 6th day so I wasn't holding my breath. On the third day after application following my nightly shower I examined my feet and noticed the hardest parts of my heels and sides of my big toes were looking different and felt like I could just peel them off, I must admit that I did pick at one edge but then it felt like I was digging into fresh skin so I stopped before making it sore. It does state in the instructions that you should avoid picking or peeling your feet too early as it would naturally shed but I was curious, as I'm sure most people are with this sort of thing. Two weeks after the treatment and just by using one of my wifes bodyscrub things nightly in my shower and I have the feet that I had 30 years ago (well, on the soles. My nails are a different subject). Most, not all, of the hard skin has gone, just leaving a couple of areas that were the worst prior to using and it feels much more comfortable to walk around wearing boots. My feet are softer all over and now I'm making an effort to use a foot cream nightly to lessen the hard skin forming again. I will probably order this again in six months or so if the remaining areas are still there just to clean up the last remnants. Please read through the wording thoroughly before purchasing as it is not recommended for certain medical conditions as different reactions may occur. Definitely recommend for anyone with hard skin on their feet as long as it is suitable for them.