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  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
  • LumiLine Hornhaut Socken Fußmaske Grün - LumiLine
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Foot Peel Mask Green

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✅ IMPROVED FORMULA: The foot mask with aloe vera and papain extract reduce the callus and rough areas, soft cracks. And now with more natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil. The package contains 2 foot masks (for 2 treatments). Suitable for all: men and women (up to size W8 / M8.5 EU43).

✅ ULTIMATE FOOT CARE TREATMENT: Our Foot Peel Socks is simply the greatest foot care treatment for anyone suffering from dry, cracked and calloused feet. Complete skin renewal in just 2 weeks.

✅ DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: Our exfoliating socks are dermatologically tested (DERMATEST Certificate issued on 20.05.19) and absolutely safe for your feet’s skin.

✅ EASY TO USE: Great alternative to expensive salon treatment, pumice stone or heel repair creams. How easy it is: soak your feet for 15 minutes in warm water before applying the mask, apply foot peel mask, wear 60-90 minutes and wait 2-7 days for the first results. FOR BEST RESULTS soak your feet daily for 10-20 min

✅ CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are not satisfied with our Foot Mask, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will find the best solution for you!

Our feet need constant care, due to the fact that we use them every day, we put them into uncomfortable, tight shoes and socks, and rarely let them breathe. Combined with malnutrition, low amounts of water drinking, and a generally stressful way of life, results in our feet feeling stressed, tired, filled with calluses and hard skin cells.

Why LumiLine Exfoliating Socks?
- Fast results, the foot peeling process only takes 2 weeks.
- Baby feet foot peel mask removes the dead skin cells simply and easily. The natural extracts moisturize your feet.
- Enjoy your baby foot skin with LumiLine.
- Super easy application: put on the foot peeling mask, wait 60-90 minutes, wash off and wait 2-7 days for the first results.

It's strongly recommended:

1. To make sensitivity test before treatment.

Apply a small amount of foot mask liquid on your toes or the back of your feet over an area of ​​approximately 1 square centimeter. Wait 15 minutes. If itching, redness or other skin irritation occurs in the meantime, do not use the foot mask.

2. Soak your feet for 15 minutes before applying the foot mask.

3. Soak your feet daily for 10-20 minutes starting from 3rd day after application.

Do not use the exfoliating socks:
- for children under 12 years
- for sensitive skin
- in the feet areas existing tattoos
- on sore, injured or irritated skin
- if you have diabetes
- if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

- Do not use the foot mask more than once a month!
- If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product !
- Do not try to remove the dead skin by force. The removal process can take up to 14 days.
- Consult a doctor during pregnancy and lactation before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 544 reviews
Fantastica per alleviare i fastidi da duroni e pelle secca.

Fantastica per alleviare i fastidi da duroni e pelle secca, in una settimana rende un lavoro che nemmeno nelle SPA ti fanno.

Pensavo non funzionasse e invece

Il peeling è iniziato dal 4° giorno. Fa un po impressione ma è come riscoprire una nuova pelle. Non lacera, non brucia. Credo dipenda anche dalla cura sovente che si ha del piede. Per 2 applicazioni, prezzo buono.

Come da descrizione

Ho provato questo peeling più di una volta e devo dire che ha soddisfatto pienamente le aspettative.

Mai più senza

Prima volta che provavo questa maschera per i piedi. Un po' titubante l'ho lasciata qualche minuto meno.. Unico problema è che per ameno una settimana si stacca la pelle e si deve mettere i calzini per non sporcare in casa, alla però il risultato è spettacolare.. Da fare almeno due volte l'anno

Maschera piedi

Maschera fantastica, devo ammettere che ero mooolto scettica ma mi sono ricreduta. Dopo 3/4 giorni dall’applicazione la pelle comincia a seccarsi e venir via. Consigliata soprattutto per il buon prezzo